Logo animation is something that I recently discovered and that suits Abbi’s logo very well!

I am not the designer of this particular logo, but the animation is all me.

Ad for interview with Holley M. Murchinson. Author, Education Producer, Entrepreneur

TELL ME ABOUT IT is an interview series that is posted on Abbi’s website and promoted on social media. The graphics I created are for both these purposes.

Abbi Miller Austin, US

+ logo animation

+ social media graphics

+ press kit

+ branded work sheets

Abbi is an amazing business + health coach, speaker and mastermind-runner! I had the pleasure of animating her logo and creating some graphics and work sheets for her. Check out her beautiful brand!

Even a PR kit can be fun and full of personality!

One of several editable work sheets from a mastermind circle.

These can be used in a digital format and also printed out. 

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