I’m a London-based designer, illustrator and front-end developer, running my own little design studio. Hi!

As you can tell, I’m super enthusiastic about visuals and content of all shapes and sizes. I love what I do, a big part of which involves working closely with clients to unlock new perspectives through a collaborative approach.

I’m inspired by organic shapes, Japanese design and daily life. My goals are to help grow a supportive business culture that lifts everyone up and team up with brands and causes that I respect and admire.

Contact me for design, illustration, art and web-development jobs, as well as for advice, collaborations and networking.


Natalja goofing around, wearing a flower crown
image credit: Emelie Fågelstedt

These are some brands I visually admire and/or who’s mission and content I love:

Kinfolk magazine website screenshot

Kinfolk magazine

Drool-worthy minimalist aesthetic and brilliant stories across all topics.

THINX period underwear for people with periods website screenshot

THINX period underwear

Their mission and style and product are so on point.

Botchan Tokyo men's skincare brand

Botchan Tokyo

I can't get enough of their style. Botchan are Japanese men's skincare brand.