Founded by the lovely Nanette Labastida, Glitter Every Day is a brand that seeks to support cancer patients and cancer survivors, as well as their support groups, through holistic health and yoga.

The visuals for Glitter Every Day are bright and encouraging to help Nanette create a space with an uplifting atmosphere that feels relaxed and helps her clients to re-energise.

Working with Nanette was a great experience! She is a very bright and confident person, which came through in our interactions as designer and client: Nanette was clear in what she needed from her designs and what they should be communicating. It was a joy to interpret her vision and to imagine how her brand might grow!

You can find Glitter Every Day on Facebook and in Austin!


icon alternative


The font used for this project is an open source font called Lemon Tuesday – this link will take you to a site that hosts copyright file, as well as the font itself.

full logo

mood board (see the full board on my Pinterest)