Japanese Gallery Kensington

The Japanese Gallery Kensington deals in genuine Japanese antiques, as well as pop culture originals. Have a closer look at the recent re-brand, bringing a family business from the 70’s into the present.

+ brand refresh

+ web design

+ creative direction

+ content creation

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Japanese Gallery Kensington logo

The most challenging part of the project was to design a custom back-end for a unique product that isn’t suitable for the usual e-commerce process. We were looking at user experience for clients, as well as gallery staff.

Japanese Gallery Kensington business card front

Other assets I designed as part of this project

+ a logo based on the gallery’s previous one

+ business cards in both English and Japanese

+ banners for fairs

+ posters, flyers and print advertising

We decided on new typography, as well as colours for the brand along with a Pantone for print.

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