Welcome to the print media section where I am showcasing a few projects that are going to/went to print. Anything from business cards to event banners to brochures can pop-up in this section!

Women in Energy Seminar, London 2018

The Women in Energy Seminar is an annual event that champions diversity and inclusivity in a male dominated field. I was very excited to take on this assignment to deliver the brochure, as well as posters of A4 and A0 sizes for the event

Book cover for an autobiography "This Little Darkness of Mine"

This Little Darkness of Mine

An autobiographical tale of a woman's depression and how she overcomes it daily even today. This project will be going to print towards the end of the year.

Mock up of a book, an autobiography "This Little Darkness of Mine"

This project consisted of redesigning a rack card for the beautiful Kitzie Spa, commissioned by Laura Kitzmann.

Kitzie Spa itself already has a great website and physical interior, which made it easy to design a rack card to fit! The aesthetics of their online presence and the physical spa became the inspiration for the rack card motifs and layout.

As the project went off so smoothly, I was able to deliver an additional editable and re-usable flower graphic and an extensive style guide for Laura to use for future projects.