I was commissioned to help Laurel Card, the founder of the unique brand ‘Solo Rhythm – nutrition dance fitness’, with some basic brand elements.

Working with Laurel was fun and challenging: When we were introduced, she was at the start of her journey with her business and was working on a tight budget. She also had never really outsourced any of her branding previously and was looking for guidance in what her next steps should be.

Together, we took the colours and energy that she loves and that represents her athletic go-getter attitude and turned it into several assets that she will be able to use on her website once it is ready and is able to use on a variety of online platforms.

This project went through a lot of changes from start to finish and it was great to see Laurel grow more confident in herself and her brand the further we went along! At the same time, it has taught me a lot about the concerns of my clients, the excitement and uncertainty they face by trusting someone who is essentially a stranger, and how I can become their ultimate guide and support.

The brand name and logo initials are custom lettering that is supplemented by a minimal open source font.

Some of the Solo Rhythm Pinterest mood board